What is "FLUX"

We are glad to introduce "FLUX". Flux-innovative service which allows user to participate in paid matchmaking with instant payouts after every win, which is currently being developed by Impulse LAB team. The main goal for everyone, who participate in eSports competitions is prize, and we will provide you with opportunity to gain money every time you play your favourite game and smash your opponent. In our service we will combine the most popular games of nowadays with games, which will be developed by our team and unite players from all over the world. FLUX supports not only desktop games, but also mobile. Hey, what if you can participate in big Air Hockey on-line tournaments and win part of guaranteed prize pool using just your mobile phone? The whole service will be developed using Blockchain technology, so that means privacy, transparency, reliability and as you know that’s very important. There will be carefully designed quest and achievement system with different rewards. Of course, a lot of them will be difficult to complete, but believe us, the prizes are great .We have a lot of different features, such as Developer Workshop, In-service Store, and other. Soon we will tell more information, so follow our news!